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The Clean Label Project Names Us #1

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By now, you’ve heard us talk about how quality and purity are of utmost importance to us. Everything with a Puori label on it is held to the highest of standards. In an industry with little to no regulation, we aim to set the bar high and be the best you can purchase — which is why we do things like get every batch of O3 Ultra Pure Fish Oil third-party tested by IFOS for freshness and purity. We’re all about transparency; so, when we heard one organization was interested in the quality of our protein powder, naturally, we were all for it.

The Clean Label Project is a nonprofit that tests various consumer goods to see if their labels accurately represent what’s inside. Most recently, they tackled protein powders in what they say could be the largest study conducted on contaminants in some of America’s most popular powders. Puori was included as the only non-U.S. brand. The results are in, and not only did we receive five stars as a brand, not only did we rank in the top five of all the products tested… but Puori’s PW1 Vanilla Pure Whey Protein ranked in the #1 spot!

Don’t worry — that wasn’t all that was tested. The CLP also looked at our PW1 Blackcurrant and PW1 Dark Chocolate Pure Whey protein powders, and both of these received five out of five stars, too.

About the Clean Label Project

The Clean Label Project is a nonprofit headquartered in Denver, Colorado. With their state-of-the-art lab testing, they bring attention to the highest (and lowest) quality products on the shelves, so you don’t have to worry about being fooled by clever marketing and misleading labeling. They have tested all kinds of products, including dog and cat food, baby food and infant formula.

Aside from being a nonprofit, one more thing that makes the CLP a reliable source for information is their methodology. Products are blind tested in an independent lab, and the results are then validated by two more labs — virtually eliminating any preconceived biases.

The Study

The CLP used Nielsen and the Amazon best seller list to ultimately choose 134 protein powders across 52 different brands. They tested for more than 130 toxins and contaminants — both industrial and environmental — like heavy metals, BPA and pesticide residue.

The CLP understands that some contaminants are riskier than others. Therefore, in their testing, heavy metals were treated as the most significant contaminant (at 60%) since they post the biggest threat to our health, followed by process contaminants (20%) and by-product contaminants (20%). Their findings were analyzed by their board of statisticians, epidemiologists, food safety scientists, and registered dieticians, and it’s in the process of being peer-reviewed. In the end, each product was ultimately graded on a five-star rating system; in addition, every brand got an overall report card.

More About Their Findings

The CLP found that in some of the best-selling products on the market, significant levels of lead, BPA, mercury, cadmium and arsenic were present. The results may surprise you — the five worst products grace the shelves of grocery and health food stores all over America, and you’re likely well acquainted with the brands.

Labels aren’t everything; and the CLP has made that abundantly clear. While 55% of the powders they tested had substantial levels of BPA, and 10% of the whey powders had lead levels above health guidelines, we remained true to our claim: we are built by nature and backed by science.

If you want to learn more about the Clean Label Project or get a better look at their findings, you can visit their website. If you’re ready to make your health and wellness a priority, shop with Puori today.