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18.2 and 18.2A Tips From Christy Adkins

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18.2 and 18.2A tips brought to you by Christy Adkins and her coaching program: Training United

18.2 and 18.2A equal twice the opportunity to give your best!

1. 18.2 (Part 1), Set-Up

Stage your dumbbells close to the barbell, and place them on the ground in the same spot every time. Stand up completely before the first squat.

2. 18.2 (Part 1), Approach

It’s okay to start a little fast for the first three rounds, then settle into rounds four and beyond — quick and controlled. Yes, the core of the workout is rounds 7-10, but stay especially committed during the eight burpees and all of round nine. You can make a difference there.

3. 18.2A (Part 2), Approach

To warm up for your max clean, build to 85% of your 1RM. After your warm-up, set up your bar to 70-80% to have it ready as your first attempt. Take that first lift not too long after you finish the last burpee. Then, try to take a longer break after that first make. Consider having a chair or box nearby and actually taking a seat for 30-60 seconds to maximize recovery before making your next attempt.

I think most athletes will have about three to four attempts, so you want to get the most out of those attempts. Treat your opening lift like a PR and give it a little more effort than you think you need — jump hard and catch fast from that first rep through the last.

4. 18.2A (Part 2), Pro Tips

  • Have a friend (or two) load your bar for you so you can rest and focus between lifts.
  • If you have fractional plates, put one pound on each end of the bar first, then add bumper plates. As you load during 18.2A, try to forget that they’re on the bar until the clock stops and you’re doing the final math. It’s a small thing, but two pounds could make a difference for those trying to qualify.

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Main image: Christy Adkins/Instagram