Meet Stina Troest

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Hi! I’m Stina Troest 🙋

I’m a Danish Olympian hurdler, living in Copenhagen 🇩🇰

I started running when I was three years old because my mother was starting up a team for kids. My family is a one big sports family. I grew up with my parents running track and field and my two older brothers playing soccer. So you might say that I started because of my family.

Good results motivate me a lot! And of course to stand on the track in front of a crowd and just feel the rush in my body and to do what I love. I have some small-term goals and long-term goals that make me keep fighting and motivated. My small-term goals can be finishing a tough training session or do a certain time on my races or compete 🥇

Here is a glimpse of my everyday life 👇

Good morning! My morning typically starts at 6 o’clock. If I have a morning run on the program, I usually run immediately

Then I eat breakfast, which can either be oatmeal with apple or yogurt with granola and berries and if I have time, I love to make banana pancakes topped with coconut yogurt. I love my breakfast! Also, I often check out emails in the morning, read the news and drink my morning coffee.

Then I do a lot of studying – If I am not going to school I can be studying for 5-6 hours at home or at my favorite café in Copenhagen. When I am in school it’s typically from 9.15AM to 4PM. Then when I have the time I will have therapy/treatment – to fixing my body. I’m usually very sore from either competitions or training.

I have my training sessions from around 5.00-7.30PM

My training takes a lot of my “evening time”, and I’m often home from workout around 9pm. I eat dinner right away and then I relax.


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