Physical Activity

Prepare to Perform: 16.2

We are officially underway with Open workout 16.2!


4-min. AMRAP + bonus time:

25 toes-to-bars
50 double-unders
15 squat cleans*

Time extends 4 minutes each time a round is completed.

* Reps decrease. Load increases.

Check out all the details on standards and scaling before you try it here.

Here’s what I would recommend as a warm up for this workout:

  • 1000m row (warm up pace)
  • Dynamic warm up (lunges, high knees, butt kicks, karaoke, spiderman, inchworm)
  • 30 Dislocates (with PVC)
  • With empty barbell: squat clean warm up complex (3 rounds of 3 reps each: muscle clean, front squat, high hang squat clean, hang squat clean)
  • Squat Clean: work up to the weight you are anticipating reaching in the workout
  • 2 Rounds (warm up pace): 5 T2B, 20 DU, 3 squat cleans (starting weight)

I haven’t tried this workout yet so I don’t know the perfect strategy or approach. Here’s what I plan on doing during my first and likely only attempt at the workout on Sunday.

For those of you who do not anticipate making it past the first 4-minute round — this is an ALL OUT workout! You should go hard and give it all you have for four minutes. Whether you struggle most with toes-to-bar, double unders or squat cleans, this will be a great workout for you to push through. Focus on starting strong and sticking to a consistent pace with as little rest as possible for four minutes.

For those who anticipate making it past the first four minutes, strategy becomes increasingly important. I think it is important to “go hard” for the first round to establish some buffer for yourself. From there, it is all about maintaining a consistent pace. The toes-to-bar will become difficult quickly, so small sets with short breaks will be the way to go. Make sure you collect yourself and take a deep breath before starting your double unders so you minimize pauses on this movement. For nearly all of the cleans, quick singles will be faster than trying to string together larger sets. This will also save your grip for the toes to bar and double unders.

This should be a very fun workout and one heavily dependent on strategy — it might not be a bad idea to try this one more than once if time and logistics allow!

Best of luck, and I hope everyone has a ton of fun in Week 2 of the Open!


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