Prepare to Perform: 16.3

We are smack-dab in the middle of the Open and what a fun workout we have for 16.3!


7-min. AMRAP

10 Power Snatch 75/55#

3 Bar MU

Check out all the details on standards and scaling before you try it here.

You might be thinking “Finally, bar muscle ups in the Open!” or you might be bummed because you haven’t gotten your first bar muscle up yet. For those of you who are less than excited about this workout, let’s look at this weekend as an opportunity to work on your technique and perhaps get your first bar muscle up (or two!).

Here’s what I would recommend as a warm-up for this workout:

  • 1000m row (warm up pace)
  • Shoulder and T-spine mobility (with lacrosse ball)
  • 30 Dislocates (with PVC)
  • Dynamic warm up: lunges, straight leg kicks, high knees, butt kicks, single leg jumps, burpee broad jumps, karaoke, spiderman, inchworm
  • With empty barbell: 3×3 of muscle snatch, overhead squat, snatch balance, power snatch from: high hang, above knee, below knee
  • Add the weights to your barbell and do 3 sets of 5 reps at your workout pace — take plenty of rest between!
  • Pull up prep
  • 1 set of regular pull ups (5 reps or so)
  • 1 set of chest-to-bar pull ups (5 reps or so)
  • 2×2-3 of bar muscle ups
  • Run through 1 or 2 rounds of 5 snatches + 2 bar muscle ups
  • Full rest (>3-5 min) before starting the workout. Keep warm with jumping jacks, etc.

Your capacity on bar muscle ups should determine your pace on this workout. If you know you will have trouble doing unbroken sets of bar muscle ups, pace yourself more on the snatches.

For the snatch, a hook grip is a must. Really lock your hook grip in and let it do the work. You will need your forearms for the bar muscle ups! I would also suggest taping your thumbs if you find this gives you a stronger hook grip.

Use your hips on the snatch! Many people will try to to a “muscle snatch” thinking this is faster. Unless you are at the top <1% in this workout, it will just fatigue your upper body more quickly. Even last year when I did Randy at Regionals (75 power snatches at 55lbs for time), I always jumped the bar up using my hips and then quickly stood to full extension.

Do make sure you stand up all the way to get credit for your reps though! If you are trying to be ultra-efficient, you can save time by bringing the bar straight back down to the ground rather than hitting your hips on the way down. This will tax your back a bit more but will save a few seconds each round. For the majority, just practice your perfect snatch technique!

If you know you will have to break up the snatches, do so in smart sets. I like 6-4 or 4-3-3. Shake out your hands and get right back on the bar. This will also save your grip for the bar muscle ups if you anticipate having a harder time on those.

For the bar muscle ups, you should aim to do all sets unbroken even if it means you have to rest a little longer before jumping up to the bar. You can use the momentum from your return swing. Jumping down off the bar and having to re-start your swing wastes a lot of energy. Support yourself up on top of the bar for a few seconds if you need to before you go for your next rep. Make sure you have plenty of chalk and if you need to, you can always tape the bar to help your grip too.

Here are a couple videos for practicing bar muscle ups from CrossFit and Gymnastics WOD.

Best of luck, and I hope everyone has a ton of fun and we see lots of bar muscle up PRs in week 3 of the Open!


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