C3 - Vitamin C

A refreshing effervescent with vitamin C, zinc, yerba mate and ginkgo biloba. "Slow brew" without all the unnecessary ingredients that normally are found in an effervescent.
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No afternoon yawns for you

In our search for a refreshing alternative to sugar loaded and highly -caffeinated drinks, it was only natural that we made Puori C3 with vitamin C from berries and rosehip. To enhance its punch, we added mineral ascorbates, which means that Puori C3 provides the benefits of zinc, too. Each sip of C3 supports immune function while combatting fatigue and tiredness.

Quality sourced

Each dose contains 500mg vitamin C, 10mg zinc, 50mg yerba mate extract and 4mg ginkgo biloba extract. The vitamin C is from natural sources including goji berry, acerola berry and rosehip. It’s sweetened with natural stevia and has a delightful mango citrus flavor.

The Puori difference

Each pack contains 20 effervescent tablets that allow you to pause your day before you ramp up again. It takes 6-10 minutes to dissolve because only natural ingredients are used to activate the effervescent effect. There are no fillers that artificially speed up the process. That’s why we call it a slow brew.


Vitamin C is one of the vitamins essential to human health. It cannot be synthesized in the human body, why we need to get it through the diet. It is a water-soluble vitamin and the level in foods can easily decline due to air exposure and cooking.

Yerba mate has been consumed for centuries. It is a plant that when processed to either loose leave tea or extracts are used to increase alertness and focus. It contains caffeine and caffeine equivalents to reduce drowsiness but is suggested not to induce the same jittering and acidic effect as coffee. Additionally, it contains antioxidants.

Vitamin C is important for the immune system, nervous function and to decrease oxidative stress, tiredness and fatigue.

Puori C3 is an effervescent tablet. Simply drop a tablet in a glass of water and while you do one of life’s small tasks, the brew dissolves and is ready in 6-10 minutes.

In the body, vitamin C is in the ascorbic acid form. There is no data on differences in bio-availability of different vitamin C forms, but the ascorbic acid form can cause gastrointestinal problems in some people. Vitamin C attached to minerals is a way to circumvent the acidity of ascorbic acid.

Store your Puori C3 in a cool and dry space for long term storage. It will however not cause any damage to the product if you bring it with you on the go.

Gingko biloba has been consumed for more than 5000 years. It is a tree with leaves that when processed to extract is used for a variety of indications. Some of the indications with the most scientific evidence are on cognitive function and memory.

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