A Week’s Worth of Synbiotics

A Week’s Worth of Puori Synbiotics for free (shipping $4.99).
By ordering a free trial, you’ll be enrolled in a monthly subscription.
Don’t worry ‑ you can postpone or cancel anytime.

13 billion live good bacteria from some of the world's most well documented strains: BB-12® and PCC® • 200mg of vitamin C

Your Free Week

Your Free Week

Try Puori SB3 out for a week. We recommend taking it consistently so you get the full benefit.
Your Subscription

Your Subscription

By ordering your free week, you’re enrolling in a Puori SB3 subscription at $42 per month. Don’t worry — we’ll send you a reminder 3 days before it ships so you can postpone or cancel.
Your Schedule

Your Schedule

The subscription is built to fit your lifestyle — cancel at any time or postpone your shipment.

One Week On Us

New to Puori? Try one week of one of our most popular products, SB3, for free. By ordering your free trial, you’ll be enrolled to our monthly subscription. Don’t worry – we’ll send you an email reminder with the option to postpone or cancel if you don’t love Puori SB3 (although we’re sure you will!).

Better Together

Did you know that our gastrointestinal tract is home to 100 trillion bacteria? Scientists now agree that “good bacteria” are essential to human health, providing a first line of defense from pathogens and unwanted germs. Puori SB3 supplies your gut with a mix of good bacteria and fiber as well as vitamin C.

Strive On

Subscriptions are the best way to get premium Puori supplements conveniently delivered to your door. Our flexible auto-renew option allows you to choose your shipping date and you’ll always have free delivery. With benefits like loyalty points, insider gifts and exclusive sales, you get the best deal on Puori supplements so you can spend your time and money doing what motivates you.
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